Friday, December 23, 2011

" Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: 'Ye must have faith.' " -Max Planck

Professor Fluffy prepares his ingredients for his next great experiment! Or breakfast by the looks of his calculations!  
Life in the eyes of a scientist 
Expressing love, TI-84 style!
True dat!
Oh the many things we love about math!
The Electromagnetic spectrum emitted from the sun coming in contact with the atmosphere.
Chemistry has come to the fair!
 If God used Maxwell's equations before Maxwell discovered them, are they really his equations?
Daddy's crystal structure was altered from hexagonal to diamond!
Schrodinger's Kittah!
All elements heavier than hydrogen was created through nuclear fusion in the hearts of stars. 
Cute and Nerdy!
Croutons! Did CERN discover a new subatomic particle!


  1. My Physics degree had to appear sooner or later!

  2. Math and Science may not be my favorite companions, but I can certainly appreciate how important they are! I loved the diamond dad, too funny! :D